Senior Cat Clinics

At Straid we run Senior Cat Clinics, which are aimed at identifying signs of age related health problems, such as kidney disease, hyperthyroidism and diabetes. If your cat is over 7 years old and you are interested in this service then please call reception to speak to a member of the team. We can also combine it with your cats annual health check and vaccination.

The clinic will run between 2 - 4pm as this is our least busy time and will reduce the stress levels for your cat. It is a 30 minute appointment which involves:

-A health Check

-Blood sample to check kidney function, blood sugar    levels and thyroid levels

-Blood Pressure reading*

  and a urine test


*If the patient is a little uncooperative then a retina examination will be performed.


All of this is for a discounted price of £210 inc VAT. If you wish to include your cats full booster vaccination with this the price is £225 inc VAT.