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The Pet Health Club is a easy and affordable way to ensure your pet receives all the routine Veterinary Care they need and more. A simple, monthly direct debit spreads the cost throughout the year and there are discounts available for additional pets! We have plans available for dogs, cats and rabbits. 


The Pet Health Club is not a pet insurance policy and does not replace this.   

What the Pet Health Club plan includes:

  • Annual vaccination/booster and health check

  • Annual kennel cough vaccination (dogs)

  • All preventative flea and worm treatment for the year (cats and dogs)

  • 6 month health check

  • Summer flystrike protection (rabbits)

  • Annual urine test (including collection kit)

  • Microchip implant or a £10 voucher to spend in the surgery (if already microchipped)

  • Routine nail clips and anal gland expression 

Additional discount benefits include:

  • 50% off your first bag of food (please ask what foods are included)

  • 25% off life-stage or prescription foods thereafter (please ask what foods are included)

  • 20% off selected lifetime medications and neutering 

  • 10% off dental procedure, pet passports, pet shop sales and geriatric screening tests


         Please click on the image above to sign up on the plan you are interested in

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